Kirk Chewning: Cane Bay Partner Has Diverse Portfolio, Resume and Personal Interests

Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP is a management consulting service for the financial services industry. The company was founded in 2009 to aid corporations that needed expert advice on risk management, debt collections and much more. The company was established with the idea of providing only the best advice and guidance for their clients, and that is why only the most experienced financial experts are employed. Partner Kirk Chewning is an example of the quality of expert the company has available to their clients.

Education and Early Beginnings

Chewning received a bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University before beginning his career. Some of his early work included acting as the vice president of a globally operated bank, as the vice president for a web application development firm and in the VP position at a marketing research firm. He was also the Executive Vice President of TranDotCom Solutions, a consulting firm.

Expertise and Current Responsibilities

Mr. Chewning is known as one of the foremost leaders in the financial services industry. His experience and expertise in the industry include diverse topics such as software development, commercial lending and much more. At Cane Bay Partners he currently manages the duties of CEO and controller while also working with clients to assist in their management needs.

Additional Interests and Pursuits

Life is not all about work and Chewning and his partners actively encourage all their employees to remain involved with other interests. The executives follow their own advice and Chewning spends some of his time at schools across North America offering workshops that teach life and corporate skills. He also makes time for personal hobbies like taking part in a local St. Croix bowling league.

Cane Bay Partners quickly became a part of the community after the company established themselves in St. Croix. The company gives back through the personal efforts of people like Chewning, but also with their own philanthropic efforts, like Cane Bay Cares. The fundraiser is currently raising funds for food and medical aid to help out residents of the island that were harmed by the hurricanes that came through the area in 2017. The effort has raised more than $1 million to date.